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An All-Around Great Pet Food

Diamond starts with a foundation of safe, consistent, nutritious, and tasty foods. They keep a tight focus on the important topics pet owners are most concerned with.

Comprehensive Food Safety

Diamond manufactures their food themselves, at their own state-of-the-art facility right here in the USA. They do their own on-site product testing to make sure everything meets their high standards of production.

Diamond Naturals practices safety by regularly performing:

  • Mycotoxin (mold) testing of ingredients and finished product
  • Microbial (microorganisms/bacteria) testing of ingredients and finished product
  • Water purification
  • Air quality control
  • Test & hold (making sure all meat products are safe before using them in any pet food)

They also do not use irradiation methods to prevent or rid their ingredients of pathogens or use a commonly used unnatural preservative/pesticide called ethoxyquin in their foods.

This means they do not cut any corners and have your pet's safety and health at the very top of their priority when manufacturing their food.


Diamond bases their formulas on all of the most recent scientific research on pet nutrition. They use their own Proprietary Probiotic Technology (one for dogs as well as one for cats), superfoods like pumpkin, kale and blueberries, natural antioxidants, DHA for puppies and kittens, insoluble fiber for hairball control in cats, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support, and no artificial ingredients of any kind.

They have a very strict practice of testing all of their ingredients before and after they have been incorporated into the products in order to ensure they are up to nutritional standards.

Diamond Naturals on average completes about 6,000 ingredient and finished product nutrition tests every month! 


Diamond has very close relationships with their suppliers and is highly selective about who they work with.

They require all of their suppliers to test all ingredients for pathogens as well as for nutritional value before they enter the Diamond facility -- where it will be tested twice more.

Diamond Naturals has something for every pet

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