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Natural Balance is Pet On Broadway's December food of the month! 

Read below on why Natural Balance is one of our favorite, trusted pet food brands and why we love recommending it to our customers!

Natural Balance has been a wholesome, beloved staple in pet food since 1989, so almost 3 decades!

Natural Balance was a pioneer to pet stores, by being one of the first to offer Limited Ingredient Diets, when they came out with their L.I.D. line 10 years ago. Limited Ingredient formulas contain far less ingredients, usually being around one protein and one carbohydrate, for more simple nutrition and far less sensitivities. They also came out with a L.I.D. High Protein line for more choices for more active pets.

They have many options for all tastes and nutrition requirements of dogs and cats, with their Ultra Whole Body Health line (classic, wholistic recipes), and their Fat Dogs & Fat Cats lines, which helps our less active furry friends maintain a healthy weight!

The best part is, if customers are unsure of which food would be best for their pet, (and they aren't at Pets On Broadway with one of our awesome sales associates to talk to), Natural Balance always has pet nutrition experts available to chat with!

Safe & High Quality

Natural Balance has a strict standard for their food manufacturing, testing every single batch 9 times at their accredited laboratory for all unwanted pathogens or chemicals.

Natural balance even has a place on their website where customers can personally look at the test results for the batch that their own pet food comes from. Wow!

None of Natural Balance's pet food formulas contain artificial flavors of any kind, any chemical preservatives, corn, wheat, soy, byproduct meals or refined grains. That's pretty great all across the board if you ask us!

Come on by Pets On Broadway to learn more about Natural Balance and take a look at our awesome deals for the month!