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The people of Petcurean are dog and cat lovers driven by the belief that pets deserve meals made with the same love and care as we put into our own meals. With their nutrient-rich formulas, high-quality and sustainable ingredients, and extremely high standards of preparation, we believe they're a pretty great brand to highlight!

Pets Deserve Healthy

Choosing the right food for your dog or cat can be challenging, and Petcurean inspires confidence with a PhD in pet food! That's right, Petcurean's Senior Nutritionist has a PhD in the science of pet food, and the nutrition team loves to "geek out" about the perfect ingredients in just the right combinations.

They select the highest-quality ingredients through a trusted network of farmers, ranchers, and producers who meet or exceed very stringent health, safety, and quality criteria. Because they put pets first, they don’t use by-product meals, un-named meat meals. or any ingredient from China.


Petcurean practices sustainability -- not only with regard to pets and the planet -- but also with people. They manage to keep both customers and employees happy, satisfied, and rewarded by providing quality food that's produced responsibly and by empowering people.

Eco-Friendly Pug

Proudly Canadian

Some of the most fertile ranching and farming lands are in Canada -- as well as some of the strictest pet food manufacturing policies. Petcurean is Candian-owned and operated, since 1999, and is very proud to report that all of its recipes are conceived, created, and formulated at their facility in Canada.

Petcurean's website features a wide range of resources and information on optimal nutrition for dogs and cats.

We hope you'll drop by Pets on Broadway and talk to one of our helpful staff members about this fantastic and wholesome brand!