Product Spotlight: Dermapaw

Dermapaw Skin & Paw Treatment

Created to help the family dog

Back in 2007, Dermapaw’s founders had just moved into a house with a lawn for the first time. Soon after moving into this house, their Shetland Sheepdog Godrick started developing severe skin issues. His skin turned red, he was constantly itching, biting and scratching, and his hair even began to fall out.

A picture of the dog Godrick missing hair on his face and his feet.

Several excellent vets and costly treatments later, they weren’t seeing any improvement in Godrick’s condition. In fact, it was getting worse! He even started losing the hair on his face. They came to the conclusion that it was a grass allergy, but nothing seemed to help.

Like every great pet family, they refused to give up and took to melting concoctions together in their own kitchen based on their research findings for natural skin remedies. Eventually, they came up with a 100% all-natural and non-toxic formula that seemed to really help him.

Godrick's owner applying their homemade balm that would soon become Dermapaw

At first, they were happy that he could sleep at night. As time went on, they noticed that his skin wasn’t red, and then his hair actually started growing back! They couldn’t believe it!

Two images of Godrick with all of his hair back.

Helping other dogs with skin issues

While researching the right formula, they had been in contact with a number of dog rescue groups, as there are plenty of pups out there with skin allergies and irritations who could use some relief. They sent some jars to these rescues and received quite the positive response!

Several veterinary schools had also helped in their initial testing and were sent the final formula to get their opinion, and after that, they’d had so many requests for Dermapaw that they could no longer afford to give it away!

Dermapaw today


The Dermapaw family, 5 people and 3 dogs

The Dermapaw crew!

If you check out their Instagram, you’ll see plenty of happy pets who have similar situations to Godrick and are now finding relief with Dermapaw. Great for dogs and cats, their best seller is their original formula and is most popular with dogs who suffer from seasonal skin allergies in the form of itching, which turns into hot spots.

All Natural Ingredients

Dermapaw was designed with typical dog behavior in mind--there’s always a chance they’ll lick their paw! That’s why they only use ingredients that are non-toxic and safe to ingest by dogs and cats. With ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and more, you can feel good about using Dermapaw on your pet’s irritated skin. Here’s everything you’ll find in Dermapaw:

Text and images of ingredients

How to use Dermapaw

You can apply Dermapaw Skin & Paw Treatment to anywhere on your pet’s skin in a thin layer, similar to an ointment. You may use it as much as you’d like, but it is usually a good rule of thumb to start with trying it at night to see if it helps them sleep.


Check out Dermapaw today, and see for yourself why we’re so excited to bring this product into our store!