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Stella & Chewy's pet food is Pets On Broadway's June Food of the Month!

They are one of our staff and customer all-time-favorites for some very good reasons.

Genuine Dedication to Nutrition for Pets

For Marie Moody, the founder and current owner of Stella & Chewy's, pet nutrition is deeply personal.

Even the name -- Stella & Chewy's -- comes from Marie's own two dogs.

In 1998, Chewy was in very poor health. When traditional care failed to improve his health, Marie started home-making a raw-food diet for him and Stella each day.

The improvements she saw were astounding and immediate and, over the next few months, he made a complete turnaround. Chewy lived to be 17 years old thanks to the Stella & Chewy family diet!

Marie knew she had to make this type of healing nutrition available to other beloved pets. 

Pictured Above: Marie Moody with Stella (middle) and Chewy (right)

Pictured Above: Marie Moody with Stella (middle) and Chewy (right)

Making raw pet food available for pets everywhere became such a priority that she started her business right then and there. For years Marie herself hand-delivered orders to people via taxicab! Now that is a true-blue pet lover if you ask us!

20 Years Later, All Pets Can Eat Like Stella & Chewy

You can find the entire line of Stella & Chewy's food at Pets on Broadway. Whether you are looking for the highest quality, raw-infused kibble, the freeze-dried or frozen complete raw diets, the toppers, or the tasty treats, we've got you covered.

Pictured Above: Marie Moody cooking her current dog Timmy

We will be celebrating Stella & Chewy's healthy and tasty products throughout the month of June with some hard-to-pass-up discounts!

Come on by the store anytime and ask any of our knowledgeable staff members to show you all the goodness of Stella & Chewy's!