The Real Meat Company
Because Cats & Dogs LOVE Meat!

Comic: Next time I buy you Real Meat treats do me a favor: don't tell your friends!
The Real Meat Company knows how much dogs and cats love meat, and how much pet parents care about what goes into the treats they give their furry loved ones! That's why all of their meat is sourced from free-range farms humanely raising their animals without growth hormones or antibiotics, and their fish is wild-caught from the oceans. Every irresistible bite is made without artificial flavorings or preservatives, no grains or fillers, and with meat only from the USA, Australia, or New Zealand. 

The Real Meat Company treats are easily a POB staff favorite because of their high quality, their affordability, and because even the pickiest of pets can't deny their meaty flavor! These are great high-value training treats or an anytime snack, so be sure to try some today!