2024 March Sales

75% Off Holiday toys
Offers Valid In-Store Only Unless Marked With an Asterisk.  
Valid 3/01/2024 - 3/31/2024

Earth Animal

Treats: 20% Off All Products

Stella and Chewy's In-Store Only

Wet Food: Buy 2 Get 1,

Treats: Treats: 20% Off , Dental Treats: 30% Off

Dog Kibble: $10 Off Large, $7 Off Medium, $5 Off Small

Cat Kibble: $10 Off Large, $7 Off Medium, $5 Off Small

Raw Food:

Dog: Frozen Fresh Made: Buy One Get One Free, Frozen Patties 6-Lb: $6 Off, Frozen Patties 3-Lb: $3 Off, Frozen Morsels 4-Lb: $5 Off, Freeze Dried Patties 25-Oz: $8 Off, Freeze Dried Patties 14-Oz: $5 Off, Freeze Dried Patties 5.5-Oz: $2 Off, Freeze Dried Mixers 35-Oz: $8 Off, Freeze Dried Mixers 18-Oz: $7 Off, Freeze Dried Mixers 8-Oz: $4 Off, Freeze Dried Mixers 3.5-Oz: $2 Off

Cat: Freeze Dried 18-Oz: $7 Off, Freeze Dried 8-Oz: $4 Off, Freeze Dried 3.5-Oz: $2 Off

Supplements: Dog Freeze Dried Functional 13-Oz: $4 Off, Cat Freeze Dried Functional 7-Oz: $4 Off, Dog And Cat Dinner Dust: $7 Off

Stella and Chewy's Online Only

Wet Food: *15% Off

Treats: *15% Off

Dog Kibble: *$10 Off Large, *$7 Off Medium, *$5 Off Small

Cat Kibble: *$10 Off Large, *$7 Off Medium, *$5 Off Small

Raw Food: *Freeze Dried: 15% Off

Supplements: *Dog An Cat Freeze Dried Functional Treats: 15% Off, *Dog And Cat Dinner Dust: 15% Off


Dog Kibble: $15 Off Large

Fussie Cat

Wet Food: Gravy, Goat Milk, Tuna Mixes, Chicken Mixes, 2.82 Oz/2.47 Oz Cans: $.50 Off, 5.5 Oz Cans: $1 Off, Purees: Buy 1, Get One Free, Fine Dining Mousse, Fine Dining Pate: Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Mouser Pet Food

Wet Food: Cat Food: Buy 4, Get 1 Free

Natural Balance

Wet Food: *Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Dog Kibble: *$15 Off Large

Northwest Naturals

Treats: Raw Bones: $3 Off

Supplies: Excavator Clay: 20% Off


Wet Food: *Kitten Cans: Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Dog Kibble: Frontrunner: $5 Off Large

Pet Greens

Treats: 20% Off

Supplements: Grass Kits: 20% Off


Raw Food: Dog Freeze Dried Pronto: $3 Off 7Oz, Cat Freeze Dried Nuggets: $3 Off 5.5Oz

Tiki Cat

Wet Food: After Dark Cans & Pouches: Buy 4, Get 1 Free

Whiskers 'N Paws

Toys: Real Fur Cat Toys: 20% Off


Toys: Burrow Toys: 20% Off

Dr. Elsey's

Litter/Bedding: Precious Cat Litter: $2 Off All Sizes (March 17Th To April 14Th)


Supplies: Forage Bowl, Hide & Seek Mat, And Prime Cut Hay Boxes: 20% Off

Penn Plax

Supplies: Decor:20% Off

Reptifauna, Galapagos & Lugarti

Supplies: Leaf Litters: 20% Off


Treats: O-Nip Stick Em Treats: 20% Off


Supplies: Shrimp Decor: 20% Off

Soda Pup

Supplies: Lick Mats: 20% Off


Supplies: Sun Salad: 20% Off

West Paw

Treats: Creamy Treats: $1 Off (Requires Reward Membership For Discount)


Supplies: Cat Trees: 10% Off Up To $99, 15% Off $100-$199, 20% Off $200+