Holiday Gift Guide - Cat

Holiday Gift Guide - Cat

Shopping for a cat? Choose one of the personality types below to see our recommendations!

Cat Adventurer

The Adventurer

Got an indoor/outdoor explorer? If your cat prefers the great outdoors to staring out a window, you’ve got an Adventurer! Our recommendations are all about keeping them happy and healthy while they fulfill that natural urge to get out there and explore their world!



Our Recommendations:

  • Catit Pirate Toys
  • Petsafe Come with me Kitty Harness
  • Buddy Cat Reflective Collars
  • Willow Tree Woodwork Cat Towers
  • A New ID Tag

For the Pet Lovers:

  • Bergan Soft Carrier
  • Sock it To Me:  Kitty Willows Socks


Cat Foodie

The Foodie

“My cat only eats _______.” Heard this one before? You’ve probably got a Foodie. We like to think of these food critics as kitties with a sophisticated palate. These recommendations focus on products with high-quality ingredients and known palatability. If your cat isn’t quite a food critic but has specific dietary needs, these options are great too!

 Our Recommendations:

  • Tiki Cat
  • Tiki Stix Treats
  • Tiki Dash Flakes
  • Doyen Treat Ball
  • P.L.A.Y. Catnip Toys
  • Beastie Bands Collars
  • Ore Originals Bowl
  • Messy Cats Silicone Mat & Bowl Holder
  • Kin & Kind Grooming Products
  • Earthbath Hypoallergenic Wipes

For the Pet Lovers:

  • Sock it To Me:  Kitty Cone Socks

Cat Snugglebug

The Snugglebug

While nearly every cat loves naps, a Snugglebug is a pro-napper. Whether it’s a solo nap or cuddled up next to their human, these gift ideas are intended to make sure that every nap is the coziest! Have a senior or less-active cat? These recommendations were created with them in mind!



Our Recommendations:

  • Fromm Food
  • Dave's Canned Food
  • Green Coast CBD Treats
  • Hot Cats Catnip Toys
  • Kong Kickeroo Toy
  • Goli Design Elly Mat
  • DOGO Pajamas
  • Karma Cat Wool Bed
  • K&H Heating Pad
  • K&H Window Perch

For the Pet Lovers:

  • Ore Originals Mug
  • Sock it To Me:  A Purrfect World Socks
  • Kin & Kind Candle

Cat Troublemaker

The Troublemaker

Is your cat’s preferred communication method knocking something off the shelf? Is anything and everything in your home a toy to them? You might have yourself a Troublemaker! We know a thing or two about these adorable rascals, and these gifts are sure to keep them physically AND mentally busy!


Our Recommendations:

  • Firstmate Food
  • Primal Raw Goat's Milk
  • Pure Vita Freeze-Dried Treats
  • Northwest Naturals Chicken Necks
  • Go Cat Da Bird Toy
  • Coastal Collar
  • From the Field Catnip Spray
  • Kong Cardboard Scratcher
  • Slimcat Treat Ball
  • RC Pet Harness
  • Sentry Calming Collar
  • Comfort Zone Diffuser

For the Pet Lovers:

  • Petmate Litter Mats
  • Sock it To Me:  Spells Trouble Socks
  • Sticky Paws Scratch Deterrent
  • No Mark Deterrent Spray

Cat Fashionista

The Fashionista

Not many cats are known for their fashion sense, but if yours could be considered a style icon, then you’ve definitely got a Fashionista! Whether it’s a sparkly new collar or an adorable sweater, we’ve got just what your feline trendsetter needs to be the talk of the neighborhood!



Our Recommendations:

  • Stella & Chewy's
  • Fussie Cat
  • Fresh Wheatgrass
  • Orijen & Acana Treats
  • Doyen Catnip Toys
  • Goli Design Toys
  • Goli Design Purrly Bell
  • Buddy Cat Collar
  • Hands-On Grooming Gloves
  • World's Best Cat Litter

For the Pet Lovers:

  • Litter Genie
  • Sock it To Me:  Dress Up Meow Socks
  • Pyropet Candles
  • Flint Lint Rollers



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