Nutrition & Love

Nulo was created to keep pets healthier. With their high meat content, low-glycemic ingredients, and amazing probiotic, they design each formula with solutions in mind. Nulo is passionate about keeping pets active and healthy throughout their lives.

Nulo (Nutrition & Love) saw the rise in diabetes, allergies, obesity, and other health problems plaguing our pets and set out to make a different kibble. We are constantly evaluating our diets so why not do the same for our pets? We decide what goes in their bowl every day and Nulo wants you to feel great about your decision.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Low-glycemic ingredients such as whole lentils and sweet potatoes keep your pet's energy more consistent throughout the day. Simple carbohydrates such as white potatoes can rapidly turn into sugar when digested which can result in short bursts of energy. Pets with diabetes can benefit from low-glycemic ingredients that help keep their sugar levels regulated.

We Decide

With dog foods ranging from puppy to senior, they have excluded any chicken or egg protein from their foods to help those sensitive dogs get some protein variety to choose from. The recently launched Limited+ diet is designed for those dogs that need a simpler diet. With just one protein in the bag there is no guessing when it comes to ingredients.

All of their foods include the BC30 probiotic which aids in digestion from the time it enters the digestive system all the way until it exits. Most probiotics expire by the time it hits the stomach, BC30 does not start until it hits the small intestine.

A Little Raw Goes A Long Way

Nulo recently launched a freeze-dried raw dog food! This can be a complete diet, or a superfood topper that can be added to any dog's dinner. Raw is perfect for picky dogs and can revitalize their meals without switching up their entire diet.

Freeze-dried raw can be rehydrated to help get extra moisture in the diet or can be added dry to their food. They also make great treats!

For The Felines

For cat’s they designed a super small kibble to aid in cat’s digestion. Due to the design of cat’s teeth they rarely chew their food and often swallow it whole. A smaller kibble is much easier for their body to break down so they can get the most out of their food.

Canned food comes in pâté varieties (including a large 12oz can!) and new shredded or minced options.

We Love Nulo...And We Think You Will Too

Check out their new training treats and jerky to treat your pet throughout the day.

Nulo is on sale throughout October. Come check out why this food is a staff favorite!