Our Community

Pets On Broadway has been supplying the people in the Hollywood district and Sullivan's Gulch neighborhood in Portland with their pet needs for over 25 years, since 1990.

We welcome absolutely everyone to our store. Whether you are new to Portland, new to being a pet owner, are a regular customer, or would even just like to come and say "hello", we invite you to please come and visit! 

Each of us at here at Pets On Broadway constantly does our best to play a helpful, positive role in the community. We are happy to say that we have a friendly relationship with many of the surrounding local businesses, and love to give customers local recommendations in person and via our blog! 

We also participate in as many fun, local events as we can, such as the annual Humane Society's "Doggy Dash", Portland Pride Fest, and even the Reptile Expos!


It is also very important to us to do our part by giving time, donations, and money to many local charities and organizations. Learn more about how we give back.

After all, we believe that a community that supports each other is a strong one!