Pets on Broadway Donation Drive November 2021

Every holiday season at POB we host an annual canned pet food donation drive to help pets in need! The donations from our customers give directly back to our community and that is something to feel good about!

Our annual donation drive is held throughout the month of November, and the food brands and pet organizations we are working with change weekly to spread the love! When you check out with your items in-store, you have the option to donate cans to pets in need right there at the register.

The manufacturers we work with will match each donation!

So if 1 can of pet food is donated, 1 can will be matched by the manufacturer. That means for every 1 can donated, pets in need will get 2 cans! You can imagine how that adds up. At the end of each week, we tally up the donated cans, and send our local animal organizations what has been donated by our generous customers. Our goal this year is to reach 6,000 pounds in canned food for our local pets in need.


Here are the pet food manufacturers and pet organizations we are working with this year:


Week 1 - Weruva - Pixie Project


Customer Donated: 2,281
Vendor Match: 2,281
Total Donated: 4,562

Week 2 - FirstMate - Underdogs Rock Rescue


Customer Donated: 2,074
Vendor Match: 2,074
Total Donated: 4,148


Week 3 - Stella & Chewys - Indigo Rescue


Customer Donated: 1,514
Vendor Match: 1,514
Total Donated: 3,028


Week 4 - Nulo - Pongo Fund


Customer Donated: 1,007
Vendor Match: 1,007
Total Donated: 2,014