Small Business Appreciation Weekend Sale

November's Savings

Valid Instore Only. Sales Valid From Friday November 26th through Sunday November 28th


All Large Dog Dry Food Bags $10 off

Open Farm

All Small Bags: $5 off

All Large Bags: $15 off


Hamster Habitats: $10 off

Large and Extra Large Play Yards: $20 off


Nail Grinders: 15% off

Brushes: 15% off

DGS Pet Products

Cat Litter Matts: 20% off

Fussie Cat

Small Kibble Bags: $2 off

Medium Kibble Bags: $4 off

Large Kibble Bags: $6 off

Treats: 20% off

2.8 oz Wet Food Cans: Buy 10 for $10

5.5 oz Wet Food Cans: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE

Honest Kitchen

Dog Treat Beams: $2 off

Bone Broth Bites $2 off

Dog Treat Pecks $2 off

Dog Treat Cookies $2 off


Pure Shreds Wet Food Cat Cans: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE

Honey I'm Home

All Dog Treats: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

Lodi & Lewi

Fancy Collars:  15% off

Fancy Leashes:  15% off

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

10lb and 14lb Litter Bags $2 off

26lb Litter Bags $3 off


All Supplements $3 off

Penn Plax

Cascade Aquarium Filters: 20% off

Algae Scrubber Pads: 20% off

6 Pack of Bagged Plants: 20% off

Pet Releaf CBD Dog Treats

Sweet Potato 2.25oz Treat Bags: $1 off

Sweet Potato 7.5oz Small and Medium Bags: $2 off

Sweet Potato 7.5oz Large Breed Bags: $3 off

Plato Dog Treats

3oz bags: $1 off

6-10oz bags: $2 off

18oz bags: $3 off

Stella & Chewy's

Dry Dog Food Small Bags: $2.50 off

Dry Dog Food Large Bags: $10 off

18oz bags: $3 off

*Discounts apply to Essential line only.


Small Kibble Bags: $5 off

Medium Kibble Bags: $8 off

Large Kibble Bags: $10 off

Treats: 20% off

Wet Food Cans: Buy 3, Get 1 FREE


Thermometers: 20% off

Humidity Gauges: 20% off

Combo Gauges: 20% off

Valid Instore Only. Sales Valid Friday November 26th through Sunday November 28th