Speaker Series at Pets on Broadway

Small Animal Enrichment with Oxbow on Tuesday 11/12



Enrichment is vital to any pet's happiness, but especially for small animals like hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats. They've got a natural inclination to explore, forage, chew and hide, and need our help to do so!

In this free class on Tuesday, November 12th at 6 pm, we've partnered with small animal expert Melissa Osborne from Oxbow to talk about the different ways to offer enrichment to your small furry friend, and what to do when your pet seemingly has no interest in the new toy, hide or chew you gave them! She'll also be available to answer questions you may have about your small mammal's care!

If you'd like to read more about small animal enrichment, check out this article!


Speaker Series is a new regular free event at Pets on Broadway where we bring people from the pet industry to give advice and answer your pet care questions!

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