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Mountain Dog Amazing Versatile Leash Recycled Climbing Rope Durable Hands Free Dog Leash


Product Overview
Adjustable to any length between 7′ and 3′-9″, this leash can be used like a standard clip leash or a hands-free lead. This leash can also be used as a temporary tether and for walking two dogs a the same time. Great for everyday walks, hiking, obedience training or any time!

The Amazing Versatile Leash is assembled by hand in the U.S.A. from recycled climbing rope. This leash is made with real UIAA certified dynamic rock climbing rope, which is incredibly strong and durable. The loops at either end of the leash are created with industrial aluminum clamps that are applied with a 3 ton compound press. 

Assorted colors: comes in Magnificent Mutt Neon (pictured), Bulldog Blue, Canine Cranberry, Pointer Purple, Mudi Midnight, Rottweiler Red, Precious Puppy Pink, Otterhound Orange, Labrador Lapis, Pyrenees Plum, and Black