Apple Jerky Apples Slices & Buffalo Jerky Coated in Honey Grain-Free Dog Treats

Product Overview

When jerky isn't enough you can turn to Honey I'm Home Apple Jerky!

Made with dehydrated apple slices that are wrapped in delicious buffalo jerky, these treats are sure to delight even the pickiest of dogs! These treats rich in flavor, high in protein and low in fat.

Buffalo meat, dehydrated apple slice honey, natural honey flavor, amylogum, potassium sorbate

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein: 10% (min)
Fat: 14% (min)
Fiber: 7% (max)
Moisture: 9% (max)

Honey I'm Home
Honey I'm Home was founded on the belief that strong and sweet could live together in the perfect dog treat. They set out on an adventure to source ingredients and develop practices that serve dogs, humans, communities, and even whole ecosystems, one delicious bite at a time! 

They traveled to India to meet the water buffalo that they use in their treats. When they found them roaming open fields with no fences, they changed our notion of "free range" forever, and for the better. They also met the families who care for those buffalo, and found generations of farmers building communities around sustainable animal husbandry.

Coated in sweet honey, Honey I'm Home's energy-packed treats and chews are what dog dreams are made of!