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Fluval Aquarium & Plant Substrate Shovel Tool


Product Overview

Help keep your aquarium organized and leveled with Fluval's Substrate Aquarium Shovel. This 12.6-inch shovel makes aquascaping an easy, hassle-free task. It's designed with stainless steel and finished with a carbonized coating for durability. It also features two endsa wide shovel and a narrow shovel. The wide end is great for leveling, while the narrow end can be used for more detailed aquascaping needs. So, get Fluval's Substrate Aquarium shovel to help keep your aquarium organized, leveled and looking its best.

  • Designed to help you perform multiple aquascaping duties in your aquarium.
  • The wide end of the shovel helps to level out the layers in your aquarium.
  • The smaller end of the shovel allows you to control the contents of your aquarium with greater detail.
  • Made of durable stainless steel and finished with a carbonized coating.
  • Measures 12.6 inches, for plenty of reach and control.

Fluval really put aquarium fish products on the map! Since 1975, they have been creating great food products for fish and aquarium pets as well as tools for every aquatics hobbyist. Check out our selection of great Fluval products below!