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Hikari Aquarium Solutions Betta Revive Health Aid Disease Treatment Aquarium Fish Liquid Drops


Product Overview
For times when your betta is suffering from various disease conditions, look no further than Betta Revive to help you help them.

Safe And Effective Treatment
  • Rapid results (~3-7 days)
  • Prevents and controls protozoan, bacterial, and fungal disease conditions
  • Helps regenerate damaged fin and tail membranes
  • Active ingredient speeds recovery
  • Easy to use, 1-drop treats
  • Gives your betta their best chance at a rapid recovery

Water, methylene blue (<0.5%), proprietary polymer mixture, buffers, EDTA, malachite green chloride (<0.01%), cyanocobalamin and electrolytes.
Hikari is one of the highest quality aquarium and reptile pet food manufacturers on the market!

They have an impressive and long history of manufacturing food for aquarium fish and other pets for almost 140 years, and many of their formulas are brand exclusive or species specific.