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BioZyme BioZyme Bio-Enzymatic & Biodegradable Odor, Stain & Organic Soil Cleaning Solution

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Made in Oregon!

In every gallon of BioZyme there are 255 billion industrial strength enzymes to do all of the odor removing in one easy step.

BioZyme removes all types of urine, poop, vomit and blood from washable fabrics, mattresses, porous hard surfaces (like concrete) and carpets. Simply spray or pour on and allow the Biozyme to follow the same path as the original odor causing substance. Please note if you have used other cleaners you will need to rinse the affected area with lukewarm water before applying Biozyme as the chemicals in the other cleaners may kill the enzymes.

BioZyme for pets is great because the enzymes remove the scent that keeps pets coming back to the same area to mark!