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KONG Crackles Caticorn Crinkly Plush Blankie Catnip Cat Toy


Product Overview
  • Plush toy and flexible folds encourage tousling, tumbling and batting play.
  • Plush body is ideal for kicking and pouncing.
  • Crackling sounds spark your cat’s batting instincts.
  • Suitable for both play and cuddling.
  • Premium catnip encourages longer play sessions.

The KONG Crackles Caticorn Cat Toy appears to be sleeping, but actually provides enticement for your curious cat to play and snuggle. Audible crackles stimulate instinctive play behavior in your active feline, with a plush body ideal for kicking and pouncing and flexible folds that are perfect for a comfortable rest. Moreover, premium catnip encourages extended playtime and content cuddling.