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Wonder Walker Flash Reflective Wonder Walker No Pull Body Halter Dog Harness Yellow

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Product Overview

Reflective threading to help be seen at night.

Designed to work with a dogs natural push/pull reflex. If the dog pulls, they will want to move to the release and therefore redirect themselves.

Keeps pressure off the vulnerable neck area, allowing you to persuasively guide your pup in the direction you want to go.

How to Wear:

1. Put the Wonder Walker over the head of your dog with the colored back strap on their back.

2. Buckle the girth strap behind the front legs.

3. Attach leash to front chest ring.

Two Leash Attachment points: Front chest leash attachment for loose leash walking training. Back ring attachment for jogging and car restraint attachment. Back ring attachment will not deter your pup from pulling.

Made from soft yet durable nylon webbing and all-metal hardware with plastic Weinerlock buckle.

Wonder Walker
The Seattle-based company Wonder Walker has been making a gentle solution for dogs who have a little habit of pulling on the leash during walks without compromising comfort or style since 2002 - for over 15 years!
It has been one of Pets on Broadway's best selling and most successful training and walking tools for quite some time! Choose from a selection of many sizes and colors, and check out the size chart below.