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Kaytee Free Standing Trough Hay Feeder for Small Animals


Product Overview

The New Free Standing Hay Trough Feeder allows pets easy access to their hay without having a mess outside of their habitat. The hay trough holds a large helping of hay and is sturdy enough to be place in the base of a pet's home.

  • Built-in bottom catch-tray to minimize wasted hay
  • Holds a healthy heaping helping of hay
  • Chew resistant wire top construction keeps hay fresh and clean
  • Available in assorted colors of turquoise, green or purple
  • For rabbits, guinea pigs or other small animals
Kaytee has everything you need for small animal companions and pet birds, at an affordable price. Their food and treats are healthy and scientfifically-formulated, and their toys and accessories are always safe and easy to use! Take a look at our selection of these awesome items below.