Hive Disc Flexible Frisbee & Lick Mat Floating Dog Toy

Product Overview

TheĀ Hive Disc will be your favoriteĀ frisbee (it could be your dogā€™s too)! Its superb glide is for dogs who love high-flying retrieving games. Plus,Ā theĀ Hive DiscĀ isĀ both floppy and rigidā€”dogs love to shake and flap it around.Ā  The Disc's bright yellow color makes it easy for you and your dog to findā€”both indoors or outdoors.Ā Speaking of outside,Ā all Hive toys floatā€”so you can toss it into any lake, pool, or body of water for even more fun! And you know what else? Your purchase helps save the bees!

Tip: Flip it over! The back of the Hive Disc is a soothing lick mat. Apply a spreadable treat (like peanut butter, cheese, or yogurt)Ā to the textured honeycomb pattern to help calm your dog.Ā