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Project Hive Pet Company Hive Disc Flexible Frisbee & Lick Mat Floating Dog Toy


Product Overview

The Hive Disc will be your favorite frisbee (it could be your dog's too)! Its superb glide is for dogs who love high-flying retrieving games. Plus, the Hive Disc is both floppy and rigiddogs love to shake and flap it around. The Disc's bright yellow color makes it easy for you and your dog to findboth indoors or outdoors. Speaking of outside, all Hive toys floatso you can toss it into any lake, pool, or body of water for even more fun! And you know what else? Your purchase helps save the bees!

Tip: Flip it over! The back of the Hive Disc is a soothing lick mat. Apply a spreadable treat (like peanut butter, cheese, or yogurt) to the textured honeycomb pattern to help calm your dog.