Hive Fetch Stick Erratic Bouncy Floating Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

Product Overview

TheĀ Hive Fetch Stick is a safer alternative toĀ sticks, rocks and bones. Resembling a honey dipper, dogs love to gnaw on theĀ hive shape, and they can easily carry it in their mouths. The Hive Fetch Stickā€™s bright yellow color makes it easy for you and your dog to findā€”both indoors and outdoors. Speaking of outside, all Hive toys floatā€”so you can toss it into any lake, pool, or body of water for even more fun! And do you know what else? Your purchase helps save the bees!

Tip: Insert small Hive Chew Stick Treats inĀ the end of the Fetch Stick for extended play.