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Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE Jungle Dawn Smart LED Bar App Controlled 19 Inch 24 Watt T5 UVB Reptile Lighting Kit


Product Overview

The Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED BAR is sleek, bold, powerful and able to deliver the energy that is needed to allow plants to grow by increasing visible light levels within terraria. This clever system uses the very latest ‘High OutPut’ LED diodes to create an almighty 130+ lumens per watt. Use a bar on top of a mesh or fit a bar inside of a vivarium.

The Jungle Dawn LED BAR provides a spectrum of light that mimics as closely as possible the visible portion of natural sunlight. Easily link with other LED BARs or with ProT5 UV-B system, reducing the number of wall sockets required per enclosure.

Each Unit arrives with a power cable with integrated switch, fittings kit and a ‘Link’ cable.

LumenIZE systems can reduce energy spend by a massive 30%!  Simply download the free LumenIZE app onto your phone or other device, connect to the LumenIZE enabled lamp via a secure Bluetooth connection and create wild-like lighting cycles, seasons and even have the ability to set UV index values via one easy App.

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