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Pet-Tekk MagNaturals Reptile Dripper Habitat Drinking Water System Granite


Product Overview
The MagNaturals Reptile Dripper provides moving clean water for all terrarium pets. Have a stingy sipper? Tropical and forest dwelling animals are stimulated to drink from leaves, branches and rocks similar to their natural environment making this dripper a must for stubborn reptiles. Featuring a secure top that keeps terrarium pets and feeder insects out of the water and a control valve lets you regulate the water flow this product is designed for convenience. Additionally, MagNaturals Reptile Dripper helps to increase humidity vital to tropical inhabitants.

Pet-Tekk is a company that has been around for over 30 years manufacturing unique and creative reptile decorations. All made in the USA, these are some of the highest quality terrarium accessories out there. Check out our selection below!