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Pet-Tekk MagNaturals Worm Feeder Ledge Magnetic Realistic Artificial Stone Reptile Dish Earth

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The worm feeder ledge uses ultra high strength magnets to hold the ledge tight against the glass. The Magnaturals Worm Feeder Ledge has the natural look of a rock outcrop and will not only serve as a mealworm or insect feeding station, it also provides valuable basking and climbing areas for your reptile. It even comes with a reusable mealworm feeding cup with snap on lid that prevents the insects from escaping while still allowing your lizard to stick his face right down in there and chow down. If you have active geckos or lizards that like to climb and like to eat, then you would be making your pets very happy by getting them one of these. And nobody says you can only use the cup for insects, it can double as a pelleted food, water, or calcium dish. A perfect balance of form and function, this product will add aesthetic beauty to your tank and will solve the problem of escaped feeder insects.