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Exotic Nutrition NativeCritter Climber Cave Semi-Enclosed Wood Hideout & Ladder Small Animal Habitat Addition


Product Overview
The NativeCritter Climber Cave is a hand-made, cozy shelter made of 100% pet safe chewable birch woods, designed for small animals like hamsters and gerbils. This all-natural wood hideout has a ladder-style roof with no gaps, allowing easy climbing access. The smooth surfaces and bottom opening make for easy cleaning. Burrow it in bedding to create an underground home and watch your pets through the windows. Suitable for habitats 8 inches or longer, it is the ideal nesting spot.
  • A cozy, comfortable space for pet to burrow, hide and climb
  • 100% safe - No dangerous materials that could harm your pet
  • Made of all-natural untreated kiln-dried birch woods, built to last
  • Designed to fit into any habitat 16 inches or longer