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Penn-Plax Reptology Natural Lizard Lounger Seagrass Hermit Crab & Reptile Hammock

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Penn Plax Reptology Natural Lizard Lounger Climbing & Resting Mats are woven mats made of seagrass that allow your lizard a place to climb or rest (not to mention they look super cute on them).

These environmentally conscious mats offer a natural style and texture to your terrarium and are ideal for all climbing lizards and hermit crabs.

The Natural Lizard Lounger Climbing & Resting Mats can also be used with Bearded Dragons or other ground-dwellers if the mats are close enough to the bottom of your terrarium.

Each Natural Lizard Lounger comes with a mat, suction cups, and leather ties.

Suctions to glass, plastic, or acrylic habitats.