Natural Outdoor Flea & Tick Control for Yard & Garden Ready to Use

Product Overview

A backyard is a Pack's play zone. Keep it a safe zone with this natural Spray & Play! product proven to kill, repel, and prevent 98-100% of fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. No harmful chemicals, and no waiting for it to dry just apply and enjoy time outside with your pets and kids. Your yard protects the ones you love. We'll help you return the favor.

Ingredients: Active: 12.63% Cedarwood Oil, 2.73% Sesame Oil (from sesame seeds), 1.09% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (from coconut), 83.55% Inert Ingredients: Water, plus Glyceryl Monooctanoate, Soap and Glyceryl Monodecanoate (from coconut and/or palm oil). Total: 100%.