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Aqueon Nutrinsect Tropical Pellets Fish Food


Product Overview

Nutrinsect™ Tropical Fish Pellets are 100% fish-free, matching the types of food your tropical fish prefer eating in the wild. The plant- and insect-based formula is designed to be tasty, color-enhancing, and meet your fish's daily nutritional needs. And because the food is so digestible, it leads to less waste, better water quality, and more active fish. This helps you create a thriving, healthy ecosystem where your fish feel right at home. And pellets that sink rather than float are sometimes preferred by fish.

Why Nutrinsect™?

Because Nutrinsect™ is 100% fish-free, choosing this product also helps preserve the earth's oceans. Overfishing is a huge issue. Each year, millions of tons of fish are harvested for fishmeal and other commercial uses, which puts a massive strain on the ocean's fragile ecosystem. The Nutrinsect™ formula doesn't use any fish products, helping protect the world's fish resources.

  • FISH-FREE FOOD — Matches what your goldfish eat in the wild.
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED — Helps preserve the earth's oceans.
  • PLANT- AND INSECT-BASED FORMULA — Meets daily nutritional needs.
  • HIGHLY PALATABLE — Means your goldfish will crave this food.
  • COLOR-ENHANCING — Helps your goldfish's color pop.
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE — Leads to less waste, better water quality, and more active goldfish.


Using this fish food is simple. Just feed two to three times a day, in small amounts that your goldfish will fully consume in two minutes. Remove any uneaten food that is still around about five minutes after feeding.

Remember: when switching to a new fish food, do so gradually. Mix a small amount of the new food with their current food at first, giving your fish time to get used to it, and gradually transition completely to the new food.