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Pet Parents Pet WiPees Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat Dog Cleaning Wipes


Product Overview
The soft wipe material is made from 100% hypoallergenic, biodegradable bamboo to provide a thick, tear-resistant and textured clean, sized 8" x 9" for the best coverage for every sized fur baby!

Pet WiPees Dog All Purpose + Skin & Coat work to provide a nourished skin & coat for all dogs, regardless if they are a puppy or an older dog. By wiping away environmental allergens or irritants, these wet wipes for dogs are great at reducing dog dander, which is one of the biggest causes of allergies in pet parents! These dog wipes are a great option for pet parents not able to give their pups a bath, whether that be because of surgery, dislike for bath time, or in between baths! Safe and suitable for everyday use.
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