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Lumino Poultry Dusting Bath Powder


Product Overview

A dust bath encourages ruffling and preening, and backyard chickens should have constant access to a dust box. Ruffling and preening are both necessary for healthy chickens. Ruffling dislodges dirt, dander, and feather flakes. Preening releases new oils that spread under the feathers to keep them in good condition and waterproof.

Lumino Dusting Bath Powder is a blend of specially selected earth minerals, clay, washed sand, dust, oyster shell powder, and crushed alfalfa meal. This fine loose mix is easily fluffed under the feathers.

Providing bathing facilities for the "ladies" couldn't be easier! A heavy-duty plastic tub with a seal tight lid makes an ideal dust bath box, and when baby chicks can venture outside they are mature enough for a dust bath.

Most chicken owners agree that when their chickens are dusting they make their happiest, most joyful sounds!


Pure Food Grade freshwater Diatomaceous Earth (Amorphous non-crystalline silica), Oyster Shell flour, Bentonite clay, Glacial rock dust, and cleaned, washed and screened play sand.