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Arcadia Reptile Pro T5 Desert 12% UVB 24 Inch 24 Watt Lighting Kit for Reptiles


Product Overview
This easy-to-use Kit can be fixed easily inside of a vivarium, rested upon a wire meshed glassed terrarium, hung above an enclosure or hung within (where safe to do so). Its sleek design and specially curved reflector will ensure that you take up less space but project as much light forward as possible.

The link cable will allow for up to 10 light units from one power source, including the Jungle Dawn LED BAR kit.

Projects high levels of UV-rich light directly beneath unit at around 12 inches to create a basking zone but then light also spreads out over distance to provides a wide flood. This will allow you to create a suitable UV-B provision for any species and over a suitably wide area.
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