Race & Scratch Track with Ball & Corrugated Cardboard Cat Toy Pink

Product Overview

  • An interactive toy that keeps your pet chasing, scratching, and playing to promote exercise and mental stimulation; perfect for engaging kittens and cats of all ages
  • This unique Race & Scratch system features a center high-density corrugated cardboard pad for scratching and a ball to chase around a tubular track to keep your kitty active and engaged
  • The center cat scratching board is replaceable so you can support active play long after this pad is torn to shreds ball opens and can be filled with catnip to keep your cat excited and happy while playing; catnip is not included
  • Fitted with non-slip feet helps keep the toy in play for hours of fun
  • Made of durable, long-lasting, easy-to-clean plastic
  • Once your kitty has shredded the cardboard insert, we sell refills!