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Sera Scraper XL Glass & Acrylic Aquarium Cleaning Tool


Product Overview
The Sera scraper XL allows quick and thorough removal of algae and other dirt on the aquarium glass. Contains three different blade styles that are easy to swap - one stainless steel blade for glass, one plastic blade for acrylic glass, and one sponge blade for soft layers - for cleaning the inside aquarium glass appropriately and gently. Even persistent algae can be removed without effort.

Sera is based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and offers a wide range of products for aquariums of all kinds.

Sera’s main philosophy is to keep things non complicated allowing hobbyists to concentrate on the side of enjoyment pet keeping has to offer, which is why they are one of Pets on Broadway's favorite aquatic brands.

Their research team has developed remarkable solutions for things such as species specific foods, water conditioners reducing the stress impacts in aquatic inhabitants during the procedure of water changes, treatments to help against aquatic infections as well as unique filtration media.