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TRIXIE Pet Products Snack Snake Slow Feeder & Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy Green


Product Overview
What dog wouldn’t like a toy with a little surprise inside? Especially if it’s a yummy one! The Trixie Snack Snake Toy is a 2 in 1 kind of toy: it allows your dog to treat theirself with delicious snacks while keeping them entertained for a long time, trying to get the last tasty bit out of it.

With its thermoplastic rubber and long slit, the Trixie Snack Snake Dog Toy is perfect for filling with treats and pâtés. It feels flexible and smooth on the teeth of your dog, without losing much resistance and without being a nightmare to clean. As a bonus, the head of this Trixie Snake Dog Toy contains a squeaker that will make it extra fun to play with.

Moreover, one of the significant advantages of this dog treat snake is that it’s perfect for stimulating your dog’s quick brain since it visibly conceals the food making it hard to find.

Trixie Snack Snake Toy Characteristics:
  • Fillable rubber snake dog toy: the long slit of this snake treat dog toy can be easily opened and is optimal for small treats and all kinds of patés.
  • Soft treat snake for dogs: Resistant and flexible, the Trixie Snake Snack Toy is smooth on your doggo’s teeth, and its textured outer surface makes it easier to grasp.
  • Fun playtime: the Trixie Snack Snake Dog Toy has a squeaker for extra fun.
  • Easily cleaned: the smooth inner surface of the Trixie Snake dog toy facilitates cleaning.
  • Material: this treat snake dog toy is made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR).
  • Color: as a true snake, the Trixie Snack Snake dog toy is green.