SPOT LED Motion Activated Ball Cat Toy

Product Overview

  • This LED toy is motion activated—sensing even minute movements, it tempts and entertains your kitty with a beautiful light show.
  • On/off switch allows you to save battery when the ball is not in play.
  • Provides your sidekick with hours of exciting, mentally stimulating play.
  • Your first set of batteries are included, so you can get started right away!
  • Chasing this light-up classic will offer much-needed exercise to your indoor cat.

With this LED Motion-Activated Ball from Ethical Pet, your disco diva can bring the dance floor into your living room—all with the press of a button! Flip the switch and this ordinary ball becomes a handheld light-show for your favorite feline. It's motion-activated, so it will begin to twinkle as your cat bats and shoves it around the room—as she chases it, she'll get the exercise she needs to maintain her figure. And the sensor is sensitive enough to detect even the slightest movement! Just a nose, nudge or a paw will get this party started. Then, when the fun is done, simply turn it off to save battery, and you'll have disco fever for hours and hours to come.
Ethical Pet