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Fluval Stainless Steel Curved Aquatic Plant Scissors 9.5"


Product Overview
  • Help ensure proper plant maintenance
  • Specially-designed ends for an easier reach
  • Rust-resistant in aquatic environments
  • 9.80-inch length to reach all plants

    The Fluval Flora Stainless Steel Scissors Are Ideal For Grasping And Manipulating Delicate Plants Without Disturbing The Surroundings. The Specially-Designed Ends Are Angled To Make It Easier To Reach And Maneuver Smaller Plants. The Fluval Flora Stainless Steel Scissors, 9.80 Inches In Length, Are Perfect For All Plants And Are Rust-Resistant.

    Fluval really put aquarium fish products on the map! Since 1975, they have been creating great food products for fish and aquarium pets as well as tools for every aquatics hobbyist. Check out our selection of great Fluval products below!