Bunny Up! Caring for Your Pet Rabbit

Young brown rabbit being held by person

Rabbits are cute, cuddly, and fun to be around. If you’re thinking of bringing one home, you’re making a great choice! But rabbits require certain conditions to keep them happy and healthy, so it’s important to be prepared.

Rabbits are often mislabeled as beginner pets and we'd like to straight the record straight -- rabbits are not beginner or moderate level pets. Rabbits require a lot of care, a diverse diet, mental stimulation and so much more. In general, we would say that a rabbits needs are comparable to that of a dog or cat. This is why we strongly encourage our customers to do in-depth research before getting a rabbit or bunny. We also strongly suggest rescuing a bunny from a local rescue such as the Oregon Humane Society or Rabbit Advocates in Portland. 

Here are a few things that will help your bunny buddy adjust to their new location more easily: 

A Safe, Secure Home  

A large pet rabbit sitting in enclosure looking into camera

Rabbits and bunnies need a safe home base that keeps them contained without being too cramped. A rabbit hutch should allow them to hop around a bit, while being nice and cozy, too. They enjoy your company, so don’t shut them alone in a room somewhere — set up their digs where all the fun happens! Rabbits also need time out of their hutch to exercise and play each day, so be sure to keep your home a tidy place for their safety (and your sanity)! 

Healthy Menu 

In addition to having access to fresh hay at all times — whether through a feeder or a simple bundle placed in their hutch — rabbits also benefit from fresh green veggies, as well as limited amounts of other vegetables and fruits. They can enjoy rabbit pellets from time to time, too, but make sure not to give them too many. Pellets will help Bugs get his recommended fiber intake in a convenient and compact form, but fresh produce is usually the better way to go.  

Fresh Water Source 

Orange pet rabbit drinking from water bottle

Constant access to fresh water is paramount to your rabbit’s wellbeing. Depending on your preference (and possibly the bunny’s), this can be easily provided through a bottle feeder or a simple water dish in their enclosure. Just be sure to change it daily (or more often if it gets dirty). If you decide on the bottle dispenser, make sure your rabbit knows how to use it.

Clean Litter 

Bunnies can be litter trained just like cats, which makes having them around a lot less messy! Cleaning up after them is much easier when you know where to look. However, also like cats, keeping their litter fresh is important and will keep them wanting to use the box, so scoop it regularly and you’ll both be happier. Cleaning out the entire box weekly will also help with keeping the smell to a minimum — just be sure to use a mild soap and no harsh cleaning products! 

Fun Things to Do 

Pet rabbit on a leash in a park with people sitting watching it in background

Just like other pets, rabbits love being entertained and need mental stimulation to avoid stress and boredom. This can be a fun project for you to do with your bunny, and doesn’t have to cost a lot, either! Narrow boxes and wide cardboard tubes can make great tunnels, toilet paper rolls make awesome toys to toss around, and cardboard castles are tons of fun for bunnies to explore!  

Keeping Your Pet Rabbit Happy and Healthy 

Bringing a pet rabbit home can be great fun for the whole family! Not sure where to start with what you need for your new friend? Visit petsonbroadway.com for a wide array of food and products for your rabbit or shop our small animal online product selection here.