Fish 101: How to do a Water Change
Whether you are a new fish-keeper or are just thinking about getting your first aquarium, maintenance can seem complex and intimidating. You may hear people talking about their equipment and their water chemistry, which can make taking care of an aquarium seem like a lot of work. But the most important part of regular aquarium maintenance is water changes, which are quick and easy to do.
Fish 101: The Importance of Water Changes
Keeping fish can be intimidating at first. Care requirements range from very simple to mind-boggling depending on the type of fish you have. Regardless, one regular action you'll need to take is doing partial changes of your fish's water.
Preventing Problem Peeing in Cats
Cats are independent yet loving, playful, yet aloof creatures. But when they're not going to the bathroom where they should be going, it can be a problem. Here's a guide on how to prevent and fix problem peeing in your cat.
Preventing Problem Peeing in Dogs
Dogs are loving, playful, and loyal, but they can also be very, very naughty at times. Even after a dog is housebroken, accidents can happen. Here's what to do to prevent problem peeing in dogs.
Ask the Expert: Knead Animal Massage
This month, our Ask the Expert Interview is with Danielle of Knead Animal Massage. Knead Animal Massage provides gentle massage for your pets right in the comfort of your home.
The Health Benefits of Owning a Pet
Over two-thirds of households in the US own pets, up from just over half of households. When considering pet ownership, it is easy to see just how much joy pets can bring to our lives. Here are a few health benefits of owning pets.
Dog & Cat Nutrition Collection
Curious about improving your dog or cat's nutrition? Start here!
Fighting Cat Obesity
Cats are known to be independent and adventurous, but as they grow older, perpetual naps and free-feeding can often lead to obesity in your feline friend. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce your cat's weight.
Breaking Down Your Cat's Diet
With so many options for cat food, it can be overwhelming to pick a type, flavor, and brand of food to serve your cat's needs. Here, we'll review a history of cat food and how to wade through all of the details and find what works best for your furry friend.
Dog Fitness: Painless Portion Control
New year, new you! Or, in this case, new year, new pup! Here are some painless ways to reduce your dog's waist size without them even noticing.
Providing Enrichment For Your Rat
Rats can be some of the most loving and wonderful creatures around. Making sure that your pet rats stay healthy, happy, and engaged can be challenging. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to enrich your rat's life with toys, games, and food.
Exercising With Your Pets
New Year's Resolution or not, a desire to get ourselves and our pets healthier -- and happier -- is common in the New Year. Here are some activities that you can do with your dog or cat to make sure that they're reaping the health benefits of exercise, too!