Treat Your Pet to a Spa Day
With human and pet spas alike having stringent requirements and weird hours, it can be hard to find that "me time" for you or your pet. Why not do it together? Treat your pet to a spa day with this handy guide.
How Pet Food is Made
Pet food for dogs and cats comes in a variety of forms. As a pet owner you’re likely familiar with the most common types, wet and dry foods, which are typically nutritionally complete and have all the nutrients your pet needs in properly balanced proportions. These days, raw foods and...
Does Your Dog Have Allergies?
A lot of pet owners don’t realize that dogs have allergies much like we do. Their allergies just manifest themselves in different ways. For us it might look like sneezing or congestion -- for dogs it often looks like itchiness or red, irritated skin. Allergies are common in dogs and...
Keeping Your Dog Fit & Happy in the Winter
When winter rolls around, our dogs might spend less time outside because we spend less time outside. They might get less exercise, stimulation, and fun -- especially when the ground is snowy or icy. Here are a few activities that you can do with your dog in the winter!
Litter Box Training for Dogs
Have you ever wondered about training your dog to go potty inside? Turns out, litter isn't just for cats! Training your dog to use a litter area, pee-pad, or fake grass is a great way to ensure that your dog can have their needs met while you're away from the house, in a meeting, or sleeping.
Upcycling Boxes for Your Pets
Even with packaging improvements over the years, you are probably still left with a lot of boxes from your online shopping. What can you do with those boxes, other than recycle them? Well, if you’ve got pets, the answer is quite a lot! Read on for ideas on upcycling boxes into new and better toys for your pets.
Camping with your Dog
Summer’s here, and that means that some of the coolest activities around: swimming, hiking, and camping -- are available for you and your dog to try. Read on to find some tips and tricks to make the experience a pleasure.
Measuring Your Dog for a Harness or Collar
For many pet owners, the collar and harness aisle at a pet store can be intimidating. Learn how to measure your dog for just about any collar or harness they might need.
Movies & TV Shows to Watch with your Pet
According to Netflix, a full 84% of their members enjoy watching shows and movies with their pets. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said that their pets were the best binging partners. So, what are some feel-good family movies to watch with your pets? Let's take a look!
DIY Pet-Safe Cleaners
With stores running low on disinfecting supplies, it can be a challenge to find your favorite pet-safe cleaner. Luckily, pet-safe household cleaning solutions are easy to make in your kitchen, and will last just as long as the commercial varieties.
Working From Home With Pets
Working from home can be a challenge if you have furry roommates. Here are some easy steps you can take to ensure that you're able to work effectively at home while also spending time with your loved ones.
Entertaining Your Dog Indoors
Living in a time of quarantine can be tough on everyone, but especially on our dogs. They think we've chosen the hermit life voluntarily. Luckily, there are ways to keep your dog entertained indoors, and we've got some of your best options right here!