Getting Your Lost Pet Home Safely
Halloween and July 4th are probably the two most dangerous holidays for our pets because of loud noises and frequent guests. Here's how to ensure your pet's safety if they slip away from home.
Get Rid of Your Pet's "Scary" Poops!
Dealing with digestive issues in your pet can be tough. Here are some resources for preventing your pet's digestive issues before they start.
Transitioning Your Pet To A Set Feeding Schedule
If your pet is struggling with their weight or other issues, it might be time to consider switching your pet from free feeding to a set feeding schedule. Learn how to switch to a feeding schedule with your pet.
Low Ash Food For Cats
If your cat has urinary issues, the amount of ash in their diet could be to blame. Ash is a substance that is found in all of our foods, including foods meant for our cats. Here's how to find low ash food for your cats.
Changing Your Pet's Food
Is your pet suffering from unexplained allergies? Do they just not like their food anymore? Learn all about transitioning your dog or cat to a new food in this article.
Water Fountains: Why They're Worth It
Making sure that our pets get enough good quality water is a tough job -- but someone’s gotta do it. Find out why fresh, running water is so important for your beloved dogs and cats.
What's the Deal with Wet Cat Food?
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Did you know that most dry foods contain a very low percentage of moisture—often less than 10%! A dry-food-only diet isn't optimal for cats as they're biologically conditioned to get their water intake from eating moisture-rich prey.
How to Leash Train Your Cat
Even indoor cats need a little taste of the outside once in a while. Did you know that it’s easy to leash-train your cat? Leash-training your cat is a safe alternative to letting your cat roam free outdoors. It also gives you a chance to get a little bit of exercise - and watch your cat enjoy the great outdoors! Here’s how to get started.
Car Safety Tips
Car accidents can happen to anyone, at anytime. If your pet isn’t properly secured, they could be lost or hurt during an accident. Find out how to transport your pet in your vehicle while ensuring that they are both safe and comfortable.
Enhancing Your Pet's Meal
Is your dog or cat struggling to finish their meals? Eating kibble day in and day out can be boring for your pet, and for you! Food toppings like bone broth, pumpkin, and even goat’s milk can help your picky pet learn to like their food again. Read our top suggestions from pet experts and owners.
Ask the Expert: Animal Healing Arts
Can you use holistic pet care to ensure that your pets have happy, healthy lives? What natural supplements are available to help you improve your pet’s health? Read more to find out about holistic pet care and products from our expert, Dr. Keith Weingardt of Animal Healing Arts.
Ask the Expert: Townhouse Pet Care
We asked you what your biggest challenge was in pet care, and your response was overwhelming: the amount of pet hair on your floor, couch, and carpets. Never fear, dear readers: we asked some of the best groomers in town what to do about all that pet hair. Read on to find out more.