How to Make Your Dog Happier & Smarter
Dogs need food and water, sure, but they also need mental and physical stimulation, socializing, and quality time with their favorite humans. Read on to find out more about how to enrich your dog's life.
Why Dogs Need to Chew
Whether you have puppies or adult dogs, you'll notice that your dogs experience life, in part, through their mouths. From playing fetch to eating dinner, dogs' mouths help keep them happy and healthy. Learn more about why dogs need to chew!
Pet Dental Health Collection
February is National Pet Dental Health Month! Pet dental health is often overlooked but is easily just as important as nutrition. This collection contains all of our articles on dental health!
Preventing Problem Peeing in Dogs
Dogs are loving, playful, and loyal, but they can also be very, very naughty at times. Even after a dog is housebroken, accidents can happen. Here's what to do to prevent problem peeing in dogs.
Ask the Expert: Knead Animal Massage
This month, our Ask the Expert Interview is with Danielle of Knead Animal Massage. Knead Animal Massage provides gentle massage for your pets right in the comfort of your home.
The Health Benefits of Owning a Pet
Over two-thirds of households in the US own pets, up from just over half of households. When considering pet ownership, it is easy to see just how much joy pets can bring to our lives. Here are a few health benefits of owning pets.
How to Choose a Dog Bed
Whether it's for lounging or a good night's rest, choosing the correct bed for your dog can be intimidating. Luckily, we've got advice from seasoned dog owners on how to choose the best bed for your pup.
Getting Your Lost Pet Home Safely
Halloween and July 4th are probably the two most dangerous holidays for our pets because of loud noises and frequent guests. Here's how to ensure your pet's safety if they slip away from home.
Get Rid of Your Pet's "Scary" Poops!
Dealing with digestive issues in your pet can be tough. Here are some resources for preventing your pet's digestive issues before they start.
DIY Pet Costumes
What better time to dress your dog or cat up for some fun than Halloween?
Here are our top easy and fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for your pets.
Transitioning Your Pet To A Set Feeding Schedule
If your pet is struggling with their weight or other issues, it might be time to consider switching your pet from free feeding to a set feeding schedule. Learn how to switch to a feeding schedule with your pet.
Choosing A Dog Trainer
Does your dog have some untoward habits that you want to eliminate? Do they just seem bored at home? Did you see a video of a cool trick that you’re certain your dog could do? Let’s talk about dog trainers!