How to Have the Best Dog Walk Ever
If you don’t have a backyard, it can be really hard to get your dog the outdoor stimulation that she needs to live her best life. Walking your dog is about more than just making sure that they can pee and poop outside instead of inside your house. Dogs also need lots of outdoor stimulation -- the scents and smells of your neighborhood. Find out below how to take your dog on the best walk every, every time!
Car Safety Tips
Car accidents can happen to anyone, at anytime. If your pet isn’t properly secured, they could be lost or hurt during an accident. Find out how to transport your pet in your vehicle while ensuring that they are both safe and comfortable.
Dog-Friendly Bars and Restaurants
A nice night out on the town can be hard to find when you’re bringing your best dog friend along. That’s why we’ve gathered intel on the top dog-friendly restaurants and dog-friendly breweries in Portland. Read on to find all the places where you and your dog can dine in style.
Enhancing Your Pet's Meal
Is your dog or cat struggling to finish their meals? Eating kibble day in and day out can be boring for your pet, and for you! Food toppings like bone broth, pumpkin, and even goat’s milk can help your picky pet learn to like their food again. Read our top suggestions from pet experts and owners.
Ask the Expert: Animal Healing Arts
Can you use holistic pet care to ensure that your pets have happy, healthy lives? What natural supplements are available to help you improve your pet’s health? Read more to find out about holistic pet care and products from our expert, Dr. Keith Weingardt of Animal Healing Arts.
Ask the Expert: Townhouse Pet Care
We asked you what your biggest challenge was in pet care, and your response was overwhelming: the amount of pet hair on your floor, couch, and carpets. Never fear, dear readers: we asked some of the best groomers in town what to do about all that pet hair. Read on to find out more.
Ask The Expert: Green Pet Company
Let’s talk about poop. No, really. In this “Ask The Expert” feature, we sit down with a representative from Green Pet to talk about pet waste: the environmental impacts of dog waste, how to safely dispose of pet waste, and what we can do to help the earth while loving our pets. Read more to learn about ecologically friendly ways to dispose of your dog and cat poop.
Flea Prevention 101
Fleas are the bane of a pet owner’s existence. They can occur during any season, last forever, and cause your fur babies severe discomfort, dermatitis, tapeworms, and even anemia if they react poorly. So, what can we do for natural flea prevention in dogs and cats? And if you do end up with an infestation, how do you get rid of fleas on your dog? We’ve got several options.
Ask the Expert Series: Dr. Myers, Forever Pet Dental
In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, we partnered with Dr. Myers from Forever Pet Dental to talk about the importance of maintaining your pet's dental health. From regular at-home care to annual dental cleanings, we cover it all!
Wet Food For Dogs? Absolutely!
Thought about feeding wet food to your dog but not sure where to start? We are here to help! Find out the truth about wet food and the best way to introduce it into your dog's diet!
Fighting Cabin Fever
For our pets, winter could be the worst time of the year. They’re often stuck inside (just like we are) with minimal options for entertainment. If you’ve got a young animal, this could spell trouble. Check out this article to find out ways to beat cabin fever with your pets this winter!
Choosing a New Toy for your Pet
It’s that time of the year, and gift-giving doesn’t just happen with our two-legged friends. This article describes some of the most fulfilling and fun toys that your dog or cat can play with during this holiday season.