The Health Benefits of Owning a Pet
Over two-thirds of households in the US own pets, up from just over half of households. When considering pet ownership, it is easy to see just how much joy pets can bring to our lives. Here are a few health benefits of owning pets.
Trimming your Small Animal's Nails
Small animals are some of the most rewarding pets you can have -- but trimming their nails can be a necessary and challenging process. Click to read more.
Starting Out With Society and Zebra Finches: A Guide
Finches are colorful and amazingly lively pets that make an excellent addition to any home. Society finches and zebra finches can be kept by any level of pet owner with just a little bit of set up and daily maintenance. These finches are very affordable and simple to care for....
New Pet Checklist
When you are ready to add a new member to your family, you are making a lifetime commitment to that animal, their health, and wellbeing. Here's how you can start off on the right foot.
Caring for Your Budgies
Thinking of bringing a beautiful budgie into your family? Here's all you need to know to get started!
Caring for Your Quaker Parrot
Quakers parrots, a.k.a Monk Parakeets, are intelligent, comical, and engaging birds with a wonderful zest for life. Learn all about what it takes to care for these delightful birds.
Giving a Pet as a Present
When giving a pet as a gift, we always recommend having the person who is going to care for the pet choose the pet themselves. Read on for more suggestions on giving a pet as a gift.
Holiday Gift Guide
We put together this pet gift guide to help you pick out the best products for your pet and pass along our staff’s favorite recommendations!
Is Pet Health Insurance Right for Me?
If you have a pet that currently (or you think will one day) require an above average amount of health care, pet insurance could save you a great deal of money.

Preparing For a Disaster
Natural disasters and power outages aren't something we usually plan for, but maybe it's time we start. As a pet parent, there are some things to keep in mind that you may not have thought of!