Enriching Your Small Animal's Life with Oxbow
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Having a small furry friend can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. But it can also be a challenge to keep your small animal happy and enriched in their everyday life. This month we’ve partnered with Oxbow to help your little buddy live their best life!
What's the Deal with Wet Cat Food?
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Did you know that most dry foods contain a very low percentage of moisture—often less than 10%! A dry-food-only diet isn't optimal for cats as they're biologically conditioned to get their water intake from eating moisture-rich prey.
Kong Wobbler Product Spotlight
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A very common concern of dog owners is that they eat too quickly. This can lead to lots of problems, from vomiting to bloating. The Kong Wobbler is one of our favorite tools to beat the bloat, as well as keep them entertained.
Deep Cleaning: Enzymatic & Biological Products
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Accidents happen! The question is: what are the best cleaning products to use with pets? There are many different choices (not to mention many different kinds of messes), and there are some important factors to consider when shopping around.
Earth Day: Earth-Friendly Pet Products
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It can be difficult to be a conscious consumer with so many options when it comes to pet products. Considering alternative products makes a large impact over time.
How to Pick the Right Dog Chew
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Dogs love to chew - but what's the difference between all the choices? Read this article to find out what's the best (and safest) chew for your dog.
Super Supplements
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Many pets benefit from supplements that are easily added into their diet or given as a treat. How do you know where to begin with everything that's out on the market today? Read on to find out!
Playing with Food: Cat Kibble Balls
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More than half of cats in the United States are considered obese, and there are many health issues associated with being overweight. Find out why cat kibble balls are a great technique to keep your cat exercising and entertained.
Nano Tanks
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Thinking about getting a nano aquarium for your home? Here's some crucial information that you'll need to know to set up and maintain this type of aquarium.
Chase 'N Pull Dog Toy Product Spotlight
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Does your pet need a little bit of motivation to move around and exercise? There are LOTS of ways to get them to exercise right there in your house. One great option is the Chase 'N Pull dog toy!
Medicinal Hemp Products for Pets?
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With new legislation in the US surrounding hemp and marijuana, new products and claims are being made all the time. Many people are getting remarkable health benefits from hemp-derived CBD, but what about pets? Learn the facts about how hemp can help you and your pet, without any psychoactive effects.
What's the Deal with Raw Bones?
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Raw bones might sound scary, but you may be surprised by how great they can be for pets! Whether you're apprehensive or just curious, here's the low-down on raw bones.